The State of Play in the Property Market – Are you Feeling the Burn?

Its no secret that Australia’s property industry is on the boil with the number of transactions in recent months hitting record levels.

PEXA’s recent issue of Property Now published some interesting data relating to the number of transactions in March and April, 2021. Every state is reporting record levels of transactions and there appears to be no sign of this abating. Whilst April’s figures are slightly lower than March, actual working days in April were less due to Easter and ANZAC day occurring in that month.


In a recent post on LinkedIn the Prime Minister Scott Morrison said:

“Getting Australians into their own homes and keeping Australians in jobs. That’s what our HomeBuilder program is doing as we secure Australia’s economic recovery from COVID19.

First home ownership is now at its highest level in 11 years, made possible by the Homebuilder program, as well as our First Home Loan Deposit and First Home Super Saver schemes.”



Sales Settlements April 20215,307
Sales Settlements March 20215,822
Month-on-month change3,702
Year-on-year change



Sales Settlements April 20218,387
Sales Settlements March 20219,283
Month-on-month change4,893
Year-on-year change(9.7%)


Sales Settlements April 202119,798
Sales Settlements March 202120,676
Month-on-month change15,799
Year-on-year change(4.2%)


Sales Settlements April 202119,378
Sales Settlements March 202120,302
Month-on-month change12,335
Year-on-year change(4.6%)


Sales Settlements April 202120,508
Sales Settlements March 202120,487
Month-on-month change16,081
Year-on-year change(0.1%)


Sales Settlements April 202173,378
Sales Settlements March 202176,570
Month-on-month change52,810
Year-on-year change(4.2%)


Backed by strong government support all this translates to increased work pressure for the conveyancing industry. Practitioners are reporting increased levels of stress as they struggle to cope with the demand. This is adding to higher levels of practitioner burnout.

LodgeX is responding to this industry surge and working hard to alleviate practitioner pressure. We partner with you to help you manage your electronic workspaces so that you can concentrate on what really matters in your business – your client relationships and staff wellbeing. Increasingly the discussion around technology is shifting from it being seen as threat or replacement of your job but rather an enhancement to the way you work. Technology will never take away that human interaction that you bring to your clients but if it saves you a couple of hours a day, it will give you back precious time and help you restore that precious work/life balance.

As one recent client said:

“Yay !!  That was the best, easiest settlement that I have ever experienced.  I wasn’t even in the office this morning as I had other issues to sort and knowing I didn’t have to worry, panic, make frantic last minute arrangements etc was just such a relief J

I can’t tell you how happy I am that I have found you guys – literally the answer to my prayers. Thank you” – Jessica Brunner – Bailiwick Legal


We have recently celebrated two major awards which we would like to share with you  –

Australian Digital Technology Awards 2021– Winner – Law – Mid Range Business of the Year

Australasian Law Awards 2021  – Excellence Award – Excellence in Technology and Innovation


These awards are a testament to our belief that through our commitment to innovation we here at LodgeX deliver a solution which demonstrates how powerful the combination of legal services and technology can be.

So if you are feeling the burn, give us a call here at LodgeX and find out for yourself how we can help you manage your e-settlements and give you back some real time.