Testimonials – LodgeX

Since launching in 2017, LodgeX now has over 300 registered customers and has completed over 10,000 transactions. Our customer base is made up of a range of property professionals, from solicitors and conveyancers, to developers, financial institutions or in-house counsel. Whether it’s lodging caveats for financial institutions, or processing bulk subdivisions, LodgeX has been the time and money saving solution for these firms.

Our Friends at Legally Yours sat down with a few of our happy clients to hear why LodgeX is the solution for them – watch the videos below to find out more.


Testimonial – Plenti (Financial Institution)

Testimonial – Bailiwick Legal (Legal Firm)

Testimonial – Biz Spec (Legal Consultant)

Testimonial – MKM Capital (Financial Institution)


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