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LodgeX creates the PEXA workspace, responds to invitations to settle electronically, prepares relevant Land Registry documents, processes stamp duty assessments, enters  settlement payment information and ensures your clients’ property matters proceed smoothly and successfully.

Our services include:

Lodge Land Registry documents (example: Caveats, APRs, ASPs, Change of Names, Discharge of Mortgage documents and incoming mortgage documents for private lenders)

Complete standalone transfer settlements

Complete transfer settlements involving financial settlements with or without mortgagees

Process SRO duty assessments via Duties Online, provide development/Plan of Subdivision settlement solutions

Standalone transfers (eg. spousal transfers, company transfers)

Trust Accounting

Whilst each client is different what is common to all is their requirement to work with a reliable and trustworthy provider for electronic transactions.

Our clients are:

Conveyancers and Law Practices who want to focus on maintaining and building their client relationship and transactions.

Specialist Practitioners who provide property services as an adjunct to their core practice (eg. Family Lawyers, Migration Lawyers, Leasing Specialists)

Strategic Lawyers who have strong personal advisory relationships with their clients

In-house Lawyers

Government Lawyers

Estate Lawyers

Land Developers

Property Developers

Institutional Financiers

Private Investment

Independent Corporate Entities

Independent Trust Entities

Independent Entities

“We take the stress away from our members, manage their online workspace through to a successful settlement, in accordance with industry guidelines.”

Kathy Constan, LLB, BA | Co Founder | Director

“LodgeX was founded as the effective solution to servicing your digital conveyancing needs; because at LodgeX, we understand that time is your most valuable asset.”

Joelle Duri, Lic. Conveyancer | Co Founder | Director