Property & Land Developers

LodgeX provides a simple cost-effective bulk settlement solution for property developers. Our bespoke platform Lapp is designed for easy upload of your subdivisions and fast creation of workspaces so that you can view your settlements quickly and easily in real time. Our proven capability can create up to 100 workspaces within 4 hours. Whether you engage LodgeX directly via your in-house sales and conveyancing team or your lawyers, you benefit from our platform enabling you to access the status of your settlements in real time without need to wait. Stay up to date and track your settlements via our settlement schedule and rest assured in the knowledge that your transactions are being finalised completely in house by our highly experienced property law team. We partner with you as a seamless extension of your business.

LodgeX Lapp provides:

  • Efficient bulk settlements
  • Highly experienced team
  • Detailed settlement tracking
  • Additional support – Preparation of Master Contracts, Statement of Adjustments, Completion of Applicable Revenue office forms; Registration of Plans of Subdivision