Lawyers and Conveyancers

LodgeX is the premium solution designed for Lawyers and Conveyancers by Lawyers and Conveyancers. We fundamentally understand the pressures that Lawyers and Conveyancers face everyday with their e conveyancing transactions. From juggling multiple workspaces and clients to grappling with complex infrequent lodgement cases, we offer that second pair of hands to partner with your business and enable you to concentrate on advising and building your client relationships. By engaging LodgeX you do not need to be spending your time in workspaces, you will realise greater efficiencies and in turn improve your bottom line. LodgeX delivers a saving of up to 3 hours per file. We partner with you as a seamless extension to your practice.

Services include:

  • Vendor and Purchase settlements
  • Caveats – Withdrawal of Caveats
  • Complex and infrequent lodgements
  • Registration of Plans of Subdivisions
  • Deceased estates
  • Complex Transfers