What is Lapp e-Settlement?

Lapp is the time-saving alternative to e-settlement and e-conveyancing for property professionals.  

We stripped back the e-settlement and e-conveyancing process, and programmed our new system, Lapp, which walks you through your transaction type step by step. With a clean user interface, intuitive features and little-to-no learning curve, Lapp is the solution for all property professionals looking to improve efficiency and free up time in their day.  

The Lapp process is easy:  

LodgeX Lapp Infographic

Simply select your transaction type, and let Lapp guide you through the rest – Lapp will clearly outline what documents are required for each transaction type, and when your file is ready it will be processed by our experienced team of in-house lawyers & conveyancers.  

Lapp has saved hundreds of hours of work for lawyers, conveyancers and property professionals right across Australia, allowing them to get back to what matters to them and their business, be it increasing their work capacity, focusing on key practice areas or just freeing them up to give their clients the attention they need. Lapp lets your business operate as its best version of itself.

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More Questions? 

We’ve got answers! Check out our top 10 FAQ’s about LodgeX Lapp below:

What is Lapp? 

Lapp is our custom-built platform which operates as an alternative to transacting in an ELNO for property professionals 

Who is Lapp built for? 

Lapp is built for anyone who processes electronic conveyancing settlements. The most common users of Lapp are property lawyers & conveyancers, financial institutions, in-house legal teams, family lawyers and property & land developers. 

Who is on the other end of Lapp?  

Our team is made up of experienced solicitors and conveyancers, based in our Australian offices (not offshore!), who manage all of your transactions through Lapp 

Who can use Lapp?  

Because our team are fully qualified under Australian law and overseeing your transactions, anyone in your team with sufficient IT & systems skills can be trained to use Lapp! This includes business administration staff, junior staff members or university students, allowing you to reduce staffing costs while upskilling your existing team! 

Why use Lapp?  

Lapp allows you to reduce the number of steps and the amount of time you spend on each conveyancing transaction, while still providing a timely and efficient service for your clients. This means you can focus on more important aspects of your business, like client relationships.  

But isn’t Lapp just like outsourcing my conveyancing transactions?  

Nope! Lapp brings your team and the LodgeX team together to collaborate on your transactions, rather than just taking on the whole workload. With live status updates and in-built messaging, your team can stay on-top of each stage, keeping your client in the know, while the LodgeX team manage the rest on the other side.  

What are the costs of using Lapp?  

With no joining fees, ongoing subscriptions or hidden costs and the ability to on-charge our costs as a fully claimable disbursement what are you waiting for.  Paying per-transaction, means you can use Lapp for as much or as little of your case load as you want!  

Help – my conveyancer is going on holiday/on maternity leave/retiring, what do I do???  

This is the perfect opportunity to trial Lapp. Get in touch with our team and ask how we can help you manage your transactions.  

How do I know LodgeX is legit?  

Don’t just take our word for it! You can hear directly from our happy customers, or read about some of our awards. 

How do I get started?  

Getting started is easy – head over and create your account now!  

Looking to learn more about how Lapp works? contact our team for a demo.