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Do you have the time and expertise to manage the PEXA workspace?

LodgeX are the trusted and independent PEXA workspace experts. As your electronic settlement agency we can save you time and the expense of being proficient in PEXA. LodgeX will do all the PEXA work for you, including:

  • Managing the workspace
  • Effecting settlement
  • Lodging caveats, withdrawal of caveats, ASP and transfers

With LodgeX as your digital settlement agent, you will:

  • Maintain your files and clients
  • Keep your staff focused
  • Service your clients
  • Increase your margins
  • Recover your valuable time so you can focus on your practice

“We take the stress away from our members, manage their online workspace through to a successful settlement, in accordance with industry guidelines.”

Kathy Constan, LLB, BA | Co Founder | Director

“LodgeX was founded as the effective solution to servicing your digital conveyancing needs; because at LodgeX, we understand that time is your most valuable asset.”

Joelle Duri, Lic. Conveyancer | Co Founder | Director

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