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It’s time to be PEXA smart

LodgeX are the PEXA experts. As your digital settlement agent, LodgeX will do the PEXA work for you, including:

  • Managing the workspace
  • Effecting settlement
  • Lodging caveats, withdrawal of caveats, ASP and transfers

With LodgeX as your digital settlement agent, you will:

  • Maintain your files and clients
  • Keep your staff focused
  • Service your clients
  • Increase your margins
  • Recover your valuable time so you can focus on your practice

“We take the stress away from our members, manage their online workspace through to a successful settlement, in accordance with industry guidelines.”

Kathy Constan, LLB, BA | Co Founder | Director

“LodgeX was founded as the effective solution to servicing your digital conveyancing needs; because at LodgeX, we understand that time is your most valuable asset.”

Joelle Duri, Lic. Conveyancer | Co Founder | Director

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